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Raina Kumra Gardiner

With a career spanning advertising, tech, media, activism, investing, and policy she could not be more excited to be bringing all her skills to Spicewell to create change in the food industry, one bite at a time.

"I love cooking with New Salt and New Pepper. Makes steamed broccoli seasoned to perfection! Bonus, my kids will eat It."

Head of Creative

Carla Morano

Creative Director, Surface Designer, Voracious Reader and Potato Lover.

"Spicewell Salt and Pepper are my go-tos for cocktail hour, so good with veggies and dip the rim of my margarita glass!"

Head of Operations

Sara Dobinski

Operational superstar, there's nothing she can't do.

"New Salt and New Pepper are essential for when I am eating on the go. I can season any indulgent foods like buffalo wings or mac n cheese, and feel less guilty if there are not any healthy options."

We couldn't have done it without the guidance of these experts.

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