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Superfood Seasonings Trio

Introducing our Superfood Seasonings Trio, featuring three delicious and healthy seasonings to take your meals to the next level:Tandoori, Bouillon, and Taco Seasoning.

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Tandoori Seasoning

Our Tandoori Seasoning features Amchur,Amla & Fenugreek:high in Vitamin A & Fiber, marinate anything with this and you will win the day!

All Purpose Bouillon

Our All-Purpose Bouillon includes Moringa & Amla, is saltfree, and and high in Lutein; this seasoning smells like the French countryside!

Taco Seasoning

Our Taco Seasoning features a slight Indian flair brought to you by Cumin, Moringa & Amchur: high in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 & B12, perfect spice levels for kids and adults - you will eat endless tacos!

Better health and wellness await. Who’s in?
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We have a vision of everyone eating more healthfully, and we hope you’ll join us.We would love to be a small part of that journey and help your pantry become your medicine cabinet.Thank you for your support as we are just getting started!

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